Contest Description

Contest Description

Elkhart County is seeking design concepts for consideration of a new official County Seal to represent Elkhart County government. A new County Seal is being considered for use on official documents, signs, miscellaneous print materials, and in other ways identified by Elkhart County. It may also be embossed on documents and other print materials.

​The winning design must be an authentic symbol of the Elkhart County Region.

Competition Objectives

  1. Embrace public input in creating this important new symbol of Elkhart County;

  2. Promote and provide creative opportunities for designers, students, and the general public;

  3. Publicly recognize and appreciate award winning work as a symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit and well-crafted culture in Elkhart County; and

  4. Produce a new citizen-crafted seal that, if approved for official use, could represent Elkhart County for generations to come

Who Can Enter?

The competition is open for anyone of any age who lives in Elkhart County to submit or, if a minor, have their legal guardian submit their original design. Students, professional designers, and the general public are encouraged to participate. There is a limit of one entry per person.

Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be residents of Elkhart County.  Participants must also agree to the Competition Terms and Conditions. Elkhart County Commissioners, Elkhart County Council Members, and relatives (i.e. spouse, parent or stepparent, child or stepchild, sister or stepsister, brother or stepbrother, niece or nephew, aunt or uncle, or daughter-in-law, or son-in-law) of any Elkhart County Commissioner or Elkhart County Council Member are not permitted to participate in the Competition.

Contest Timeline

The Competition begins on August 23, 2021 and submissions will be accepted through September 30, 2021. To be considered, all entries must be received by 12:01 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Friday, October 1, 2021. Voting begins October 1, 2021 and will continue through November 23, 2021. The Commissioners Choice and runners up will be announced at a public press conference sometime between December 1, 2021 and December 13, 2021.

Awards and Prizes

Two ‘Runner’s Up,’ will receive special recognition at the press conference and a custom designed plaque.  The winner will receive a custom designed trophy and a $1000 prize from the County.

​Beyond the competition prize, no additional compensation will be provided for the continued use of the seal design, artwork, or name, and the winner agrees that he/she will relinquish the rights to Elkhart County for copyright, trademark, promotional use, and other uses as deemed appropriate by Elkhart County government.

Design Tips

Below, are 15 examples of Official County Seals from across the country. Please note that each of them expresses something simple and unique about their county. The best of these seals use only 2 or 3 colors. And all of them look just as good in black & white. There are many more examples of Official County Seals online. Please feel free to search the internet to see how they work. But, make sure your design is unique to Elkhart County and is an original work of authorship that does not violate the intellectual property rights of others. 

Elkhart County old seal.png

Elkhart County's Current Seal


Elkhart County's New Seal

Design Requirements

The design should include the following:

  1. Elkhart County, Indiana

  2. 1830


Competition Rules

Participants must be residents of Elkhart County, Indiana. Participants must agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Competition. Upon request of Elkhart County government, all participants, including the winner, must sign any additional documentation confirming acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and transferring all rights to the independently created and originally designed seal.  Participants under the age of 18 must agree to have their legal guardian submit the entry and sign all required documentation. Upon submission of a design, whether ultimately selected as the winning art (seal) or not, all entries will become the permanent and exclusive property of Elkhart County, Indiana.


Submission Guidelines

The final version of the seal will need to be suitable for high quality printing. Entries must be submitted in JPEG, PNG, AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF (preferred format) or any vector formats and/or as a digital photo of a hand-drawn concept. The design should be on a transparent or white background and submitted in high enough resolution to be used professionally. The submission must be no larger than 10 MB in size. To the extent possible, submissions should be no less than 300 dots per inch and no more than 350 dots per inch, with a length and width of no less than 250 pixels and no more than 944 pixels.

Selection of Winners

All submissions will be displayed publicly on this website during the Competition. Submissions will be received by a third party group in charge of anonymizing all submissions and then presenting the anonymized submission list to a six-person panel that will review the submissions along with a public vote that will be counted as an additional seventh panel member. The panel will then evaluate all anonymized submissions and pare the finalists down to three. The three finalists will be judged by Elkhart County’s three County Commissioners. The Commissioners Choice will constitute the winner. ​


Elkhart County Commissioners will publicly announce the Winner in a press conference and on the Elkhart County Official Seal competition website between December 1, 2021 and December 13, 2021


The winner will be notified at the e-mail address and/or phone number provided to the Competition administrators upon submission.

Your Content

As set forth in the Terms and Conditions: By submitting any Entry, including any information, text, images and any other content (collectively, “Your Content”) and otherwise entering the Competition, each participant represents that (i) such Entry and Your Content is original to such participant and does not include, and is not based on or derived from any pre-existing or third party designs, trademarks or copy print images, and does not contain any material that would defame or otherwise violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including any patent, trademark, publicity, privacy, moral, trade secret, copyright and/or other proprietary rights, and does not violate any applicable federal, state or local laws or ordinances, (ii) such participant owns such Entry and Your Content, including any and all patent, trademark, publicity, privacy, moral, trade secret, copyright, and/or other proprietary rights therein, and (iii) any use, display, reproduction or modification such Entry by the Sponsor will not violate the rights of any third parties. Each participant represents that he or she has not copied or in any way taken any of such Entry or Your Content from any third party and that no one else has any rights with respect to such Entry or Your Content.

Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights

As set forth in the Terms and Conditions: Each participant, by submitting an Entry and thereby agreeing to be bound by these Competition Rules and the Terms and Conditions hereby assigns all right, title and interest in and to such Entry to Elkhart County. This includes, but is not limited to, all ownership rights, ability to license, to modify, use, distribute, reproduce, excerpt, adapt, prepare derivative works of, publicly perform and display, publish and make any other use of the Entry. Each participant grants Elkhart County the right and license to use the participant's Entry and Your Content and all aspects thereof, as set forth herein, in any way Elkhart County determines whether with or without providing any attribution or compensation to such participant, except where prohibited by law. Each participant represents and warrants that it has full legal right, power and authority to grant Elkhart County the foregoing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, each participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that nothing herein requires Elkhart County to utilize any Entry by such participant or any portion of Your Content.


As set forth in the Terms and Conditions: Except where prohibited by law, participation in the Competition constitutes each participant's express and irrevocable consent to Elkhart County and its agents' worldwide use of such participant's Entry and Your Content, including without limitation his or her name, likeness, photographs, written submissions, biographical details and any other information such participant may submit or Elkhart County may obtain in connection with his/her Entry for the purposes of conducting the Competition in any and all media now known or hereafter discovered, without further payment or consideration; including without limitation placement on Elkhart County’s website and in its social media accounts. Each participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that such participant's Entry and Your Content will be accessible by others and that there is no confidentiality or privacy with respect to such participant's Entry and Your Content.

Additional Terms

The Winner may waive their right to receive a prize. Elkhart County reserves the right to substitute a prize or prize components of equal or greater value. The Winner is solely responsible for payment of any taxes on prizes. Elkhart County reserves the right to disqualify persons found tampering with or otherwise abusing any aspect of this Competition. In the event the fairness or proper administration of the Competition is compromised by a virus, tampering or other cause beyond the reasonable control of Competition administrators, Elkhart County reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend, modify or terminate the Competition.

*All Federal, State, Local and Municipal Laws and Regulations Apply. Void Where Prohibited. No Purchase or Payment of Any Kind is Necessary to Enter or Win This Competition. Submission of a Competition Entry Signals Your Acceptance of and Agreement to be Bound by Your Obligations Under These Competition Rules and the Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy

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Terms and Conditions

Read our entire Terms and Conditions here.

Judging Criteria

  1. The degree to which the design concept conveys a meaning that best reflects Elkhart County.

  2. The aesthetics and completeness of the composition as an easy-to-understand reflection of Elkhart County government.

  3. The degree to which the seal appeals to the interests of the final decision maker. The official decision is final.

Submission Method

  1. Apply for the contest at

  2. One contestant can submit a maximum of 1 time only.